• Samhällsbyggarna

    Samhällsbyggarna är en branschövergripande ideell nätverksorganisation med medlemmar som har spetskompetenser inom samhällsbyggnadsområdets alla delar.

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Welcome to the Swedish professionals for the built environment!

The organization is an unpolitical, non-profit organisation for the built environment.

It was founded Jan 1, 2013.


The new organization was named Samhällsbyggarna or in english Swedish professionals for the built environment and it has approx. 4000 members.


Members are involved in every step of the building process, from initial idea, through projecting and production to management of buildings, bridges and other constructional works or spatial planning and environmental control. Members also include chartered surveyors and real estate economists.


Members are either publicly employed by the government or the local community or employed by privately owned companies.





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